Mike Parson's Voting Record
In The House of Representatives
Has Not Been Friendly to Citizen Involvement

  • Mike Parson has sponsored bills that would hamstring the citizen's petition process for the last three years. The right to petition the government for a redress of grievances is a basic right the people have reserved for themselves. To take it away is to disarm them - sort of political gun-control

    - 2010 HB 1788 -
    - 2009 HB 228 -
    - 2008 HB 1763 -
  • Mike Parson was a major player is the House passage of an "ethics bill" that would have required common citizens to register as a lobbyist and file regular reports if those citizens "attempted to influence" a legislator other than their own. Failure to register would have been a class D felony.

    - 2010 SB 844 - Annotated Text of the Bill -- Click here for Parson's key vote in the Rules Committee.

    This bill passed in two committees and passed on the House floor all in one day. It was given to the body of legislators only about an hour before they had to debate and vote on it.

    At best this was sloppy law-making. At worst, it was an attempt to squelch the very people who gave Mike Parson the power to make laws. Evaluation of the Bill

    Read this legal analysis of the bill.


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