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Majority Floor Leader, Dean Plocher and Rep. Rudy Veit play Republican colleagues for fools.

April 14, 2022

Missouri First Home

Dean Plocher's "target" was Rep. Suzie Pollock, but all the Republicans -- along with the integrity of the House -- are collateral damage.

In the 2 1/2 decades I've been active at the Missouri Capitol I've seen a lot of underhanded and deceitful schemes, but this tops them all for pettiness and deceit.

The main lesson for us all is that the Rules of the House need to be changed so no one person has this much power.

So, what happened?

Watch what happened on the House floor.

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Floor Leader, Dean Plocher, doesn't like conservative Rep. Suzie Pollock, so he will not let her legislation advance, no matter how popular her bills are. (Suzie is not the only rep on Plocher's hit list.)


HB 2009 is one of Suzie's bills he's holding up, but his quandary is that her bill is immensely popular. Nearly 50 fellow Republicans have cosponsored HB 2009 -- more than any bill since the Second Amendment Preservation Act in 2021.

It addressed several Republican priorities, like parents' rights, Covid tyranny push-back, reining in the Department of Health, religious liberty, health care freedom, and more.

Over 850 citizens supported HB 2009 at its hearing, either in person or with witness forms.

Legislative staff report that they are getting more phone calls and emails about HB 2009 than any other bill.

Dean Plocher can't ignore the demand for this bill.


Apparently, though, neither can he can ignore his dislike of Suzie, or, perhaps, his loyalty to the ultra-left American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the lead opponents of HB 2009. (See sidebar.)

AAP not only opposes HB 2009 and health care freedom, they are also vocal opponents of the Second Amendment, religious exemptions to vaccines, the right to life, and they are promoting the transgender agenda to put boys in girls' locker rooms and sports teams. These are the people who are still promoting the Covid-19 "vaccine" for 5 year olds.


What's Plocher to do?

He hatched a scheme that he likely thought would humiliate Suzie Pollock, give AAP what they want, and allow him to tell the thousands of citizens pushing for HB 2009 that he allowed the bill (or at least the bill's language) an opportunity for floor debate.

Watch the video linked above to see the plan unfold.

Plocher couldn't risk a real debate because of the overwhelming support for the bill, so he made sure Suzie Pollock was kept out of the loop. To do that, he had to rescue a dead bill to use as a vehicle -- Rep. Benny Cook's HB 2452. Then he found Rep. John Wiemann, a supporter of HB 2009 but not truly up to speed on the bill, to offer the language from HB 2009 as agood amendment to HB 2452.

Had the scheme stopped there, it still would have been a slap in the face to Rep. Suzie Pollock, but at least Missourians had a chance at greater freedom if the bill would pass the Senate. The problem, though, is that the leftist AAP - the ones with the professional lobbyists and the money - would not get their way.

Enter Rep. Rudy Veit with his complicated amendment that literally guts the bill -- all except the part that AAP had previously said they could live with.


Because all of this was done with stealth, everyone was blind-sided. Rudy Veit misrepresented his amendment when he introduced it, making the body believe he was just taking the conscientious objection exemption out of the bill. There was not enough time for anyone suspicious of it all to digest his amendment and discover otherwise.


Floor Leader Dean Plocher can still do the right thing and bring HB 2009 to the floor for a real debate. This late in session, it would take a lot of work to get it through the Senate, but it's possible if Plocher doesn't continue to stand in the way.

The LARGER PICTURE, though, relates to the Rules of the House. They must be changed so the few people in leadership don't have the power to do this sort of mischief.

Each rep - Republicans and Democrats - should have an equal opportunity in the arena of ideas.


Call and email your rep and tell him to demand that Plocher give HB 2009 a fair chance at debate.

Call and email Dean Plocher and tell him you expect him to put an end to the pettiness and to stop helping the agenda of the leftist AAP. Tell him to allow HB 2009 floor time on April 19th.

Rep. Dean Plocher
Phone: 573-751-1544

(Be civilized!)

And then, during primary season, tell every candidate for the state House of Representatives that you expect him or her to support a new set of rules that evenly distributes power and tell him or her that you expect them to vote AGAINST Dean Plocher for Speaker of the House.

In Liberty,

- Ron

P.S. Please share this email after removing the delisting link. And if you go to Republican gatherings make sure you talk to any state reps you see about this matter.

  • Pushing gun control, including an “assault weapon” ban, magazine capacity limits, restrictions on handgun ownership.
  • Advocating for the “Adolescent’s Right to Confidential Care When Considering Abortion.”
  • Promoting the transgender agenda, including boys sharing locker rooms and playing in girls sports.
  • Eliminating parents' rights – the religious exemption to mandated vaccines. (AAP made this their top priority in 2019.)
  • They want 5 year olds to get the Covid-19 shot.
  • They pushed for universal masking in schools

Read, from their own documetns, just how left AAP is in this PDF.

Why does Dean Plocher further their agenda?