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Missouri First Gets Legislators and Judge Roy Moore Together

January 25, 2005 – Jefferson City, MO

These days, there's hardly a problem more important than judicial activism and there's hardly anyone who knows better how to deal with that problem than the former Chief Justice of the Alabama supreme court, Judge Roy Moore.

That's why Missouri First wanted to get Judge Moore and the Missouri legislature together - we did just that Tuesday, January 25th with the special help of Mark Sutherland. Close to a hundred representatives and senators from the majority caucus crowded into a hearing room at the capitol for a lesson on the proper application of the constitution. They learned that it IS constitutional for the state to acknowledge God and that federal courts have no constitutional jurisdiction when that right is challenged.

Close to 100 Missouri lawmakers listen to Moore

Missouri First director, Ron Calzone, introduces
Judge Moore to Speaker Rod Jetton

They also learned that it is the state legislature's responsibility to do all it can to protect the people from renegade federal judges. One thing our state lawmakers can do is insist that the U.S. Congress pass the Constitution Restoration Act of 2005 (CRA). This federal bill will promote the proper application of the First Amendment by preventing federal courts from hearing “acknowledgment of God” cases. Missouri First is promoting a state resolution through which the House and Senate will implore our federal lawmakers to pass CRA.

Representative Mark Wright is the
sponsor of our CRA resolution.

Representative Mark Wright is the House sponsor of our resolution and Senator Rob Mayer is sponsoring the Senate version. We are anticipating dozens of co-sponsors and a strong vote that will send a positive message to Washington DC.

Judge Moore said he was very pleased with the visit.

These resolutions are not the only way we will be dealing with judicial activism this session. We will support Rep. Ed Emery's effort to pass a resolution calling for the impeachment of Judge Scott Wright, the infamous federal judge who struck down our state's ban on partial birth abortion.

To counter Missouri judges who want to legislate from the bench, we are supporting Rep. Jim Lembke's bill to modify the so called “non-partisan court plan” by requiring senate confirmation of nominees to the state courts.

We also want to continue to work toward restoring the viability of impeachment as a check and balance of state government. Perhaps the single most important thing to do on that front is to restore the constitution to it's pre-1945 condition when impeachment trials were held by the senate. In 1945, the constitution was changed so only judges could sit as jurists in the trial phase of an impeachment. Yes, that's right, the fox has been guarding the chicken coop!

Judge Moore's visit helped provide a valuable push for all of these projects by illustrating just how bad the courts have gotten and also by making it clear that the state legislature has a responsibility to do all it can to rein them in.

Missouri First members can help right from home. First, write letters to your state lawmakers asking them to do something about the courts. Next, forward this email to your like-minded friends and relatives; and, or print and distribute it to your neighbors. You will soon find other ways to help posted on our web site

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