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About Missouri First

The Beginning...

In the early months of The Year of Our Lord, 2000, five gentlemen, some of whom had never met before, were drawn together by common interests to form the organization known of as Missouri First.

Each of these men had been individually pursuing efforts that represent the ideals presented now in this rganization. The realization that the symbol of an organization (the UN) that threatens U.S., State, local, and individual sovereignty was being prominently displayed above Jesse Hall at the University of Missouri, Columbia was the force that brought these individuals together. In discussions of the flag issue, they discovered a common interest in preserving sovereignty at the appropriate levels, as provided for by the Founding Fathers of this nation in the U.S. Constitution, and a common interest in effecting a return to the Biblical principles of government the founders had envisioned and provided for. Out of these common interests was born Missouri First.

A Movement is Born

After some months of discussion, debate, e-mail exchanges, and face-to-face meetings, the men came to an agreement as to the type and scope of the organization as described in Missouri First's Charter. The charter was ratified on August the 8th, 2000 and describes the general direction and intentions of the organization.

Missouri First began, even before the charter was ratified, to address the issue of the removal of the UN flag at the University. The Board also began to identify other areas that needed to be addressed and began researching means of addressing those issues. By consensus, they determined to include some positive, uplifting projects to compliment and balance the projects that require an aggressive opposition to threats to sovereignty and Godly living. The list of Projects will change as circumstances change and can be seen at Projects.

What We Are

Missouri First is a 'non-profit, public benefit corporation.' It accepts donations, but these donations are not tax deductible. Missouri First is an organization founded on Christian Principles, but we do not exclude anyone on the basis of their religious association, or lack thereof. Missouri First also does not exclude membership on the basis of ethnicity. Membership is open to all Missourians who support the stated purpose and methods of Missouri First as defined in the Charter.

An Invitation

The Board of Missouri First invites all like-minded individuals to become involved in the achievement of the goals stated in the charter and implementation of the objectives of the various projects by joining our organization and volunteering your efforts and/or providing much needed financial support.

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