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Law-makers Have No Choice – They Must Repeal Prop B

Nov. 11, 2010
Ron Calzone

Missouri voter approved Prop B (Nov. 2, 2010) provides a great opportunity to examine the core principles of an American Constitutional Republic and how those principles affect public policy.

The General Welfare Clause and State Sovereignty

Dec. 6, 2009
Ron Calzone

The General Welfare Clause of the U.S. Constitution has been one of the primary tools of revisionists to reframe and expand the role and authority of the federal government. This essay explains its true meaning.

Amendment 2 is Mercantilism at its Worst

Oct, 16, 2006
Ron Calzone

The Missouri Constitution is too important to allow it to be subverted for the sake of a special interest group's selfish desires.

Property Rights - The Core Issue

Dec, 09, 2005
Ron Calzone

The property rights debate should be held on a higher plain than just the consideration of the monetary aspect. To the Founding Fathers, “property” had a deeper meaning.

U.S. Constitution Acknowledges God!

Jan. 1, 2005
Ron Calzone

Activist judges are trying to squeeze God out of our country by claiming that is unconstitutional for the state to acknowledge God. How can they be right when the U.S. Constitution itself acknowledges Jesus Christ Himself?
678 words

Judge Ohmer - the Next Step 

Feb 27, 2004
Ron Calzone

In a 5 to 2 decision, the Missouri supreme court reversed Judge Ohmer's decision against the general assembly.  It is clearer than ever that he is guilty of judicial activism.
618 words

It's Time to Make an Example Out of an Activist Judge!

Oct 11, 2003
Ron Calzone

This Missouri circuit court judge has supported a frivolous suit in blatant violation of a clear cut constitutional provision. He is legislating from the bench and should be impeached as a warning to all the activist judges who are ruining our country.

Judge Roy Moore – An American Hero

August 22, 2003
Ron Calzone

Judge Roy Moore is fighting a federal judge over a Ten Commandment memorial in Alabama. He's right in this heroic actions!

PRESS RELEASE - Take Down The U.N. Flag, Not the Confederate Flag!

January 15, 2003

Ron Calzone

Revisionists call the Confederate flag "divisive", but they would have "united" under the U.N. flag!

Cowardice, American Style

December 14, 2002

Ron Calzone

Americans are too quick to give up freedom in the face of supposed danger. Supreme Court cases are a warning sign.
388 words

Emergency Health Powers Act Passes in MO Senate

February 22, 2002

Ron Calzone

The Missouri Senate passes Senate Bill 712 by a vote of 20 to 14. Read about what happened and the next step.
439 words

Emergency Health Powers Act in MO Senate

February 19, 2002

Ron Calzone

The Missouri Senate is about to adopt a bill that will further erode our rights by forcing health care on us - even when there is no officially declared emergency.
338 words

Welcome to the Global Scene!

September 11, 2001

Ron Calzone

Much of the rest of the world is our witness and now New York and Washington DC are our experience, the "global" scene can be pretty cruel.
176 words

President Bush Didn't Address the Real Issue

August 10, 2001

Ron Calzone

Although the author is against embrionic stem cell research under any circumstances, he also believes that there is a more basic constitutional consideration.
363 words

Patriotism Defined

July 1, 2001

Dave Schlemper

True patriotism helped to make these States great, but misguided patriotism has had the opposite effect. Read what Missouri First director, Dave Schlemper, has to say on the subject.
772 words

What to do About Americans Held In China

April 2, 2001

Ron Calzone

Getting our men and airplane back from the Chinese is a simple matter. Also: New report on teens and gun access IS disturbing, but not for the reason you might think.
504 words

The Legislation Liberty Test

March 17, 2001

Ron Calzone

Missouri state senator Peter Kinder announces new standards for prioritizing legislation. These new standards, of followed, will be enhance the freedom of Missourians!
321 words

Are We Citizens of Our States?

March 12, 2001

Wayne Carleson

There was a time when we were first citizens of our respective states, and the states were members of an alliance formed to accommodate the shared interests of all the states. Read about how we have lost the concept of state citizenship.
1057 words

Faith Based Initiatives - The REAL Problem

February 3, 2001

Ron Calzone

President Bush's so called "Faith Based initiatives " might sound appealing at first blush, but read this essay to learn about the real constitutional problem with the idea.
355 words

Global Governance is a Real Threat

January 14, 2001

Ron Calzone

An introduction to the World Federalist Association, an organization actively promoting world governance. They claim Walter Cronkite as one of their own. This essay shows where Cronkite misses the boat.
508 words

Bioregional War Plan

January 11, 2001

William Jud

Imagine a situation in which Green advocacy Groups (GAGs) define a BIOREGION as a CORE WILDERNESS area and then regulate human activity in and around that area. The "Man and the Biosphere" proposal does just that, and your government is promoting it!
1600 words

Why Do We Need Sovereignty?

August 14, 2000

Ron Calzone

Evidence of the vast differences in moral standards that exists around the world and even around our country. The cause and solution to the loss of American culture is discussed.
633 words

The Problem With the UN Flag

August 14, 2000

Ron Calzone

Points out why a simple piece of colored cloth is dangerous to your your freedom, at least it is when it flies over the administration building of the University of Missouri at Columbia!
560 words

State vs. Federal Government - What's the Difference Anymore?

July 24, 2000

Lewis Goldberg

The state governments look too much like the Federal government!
1561 words

The Great Centralizer
Abraham Lincoln and the War between the States

August 10, 1998

Thomas J.DiLorenzo

This scholarly essay will challenge your understanding of history. It chronicals the beginning of the centralization of United States government. If you thought you knew what the Civil War was all about, you had better think again. Only the open minded need read this one!
29 pages - pdf format Acrobat Reader required

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