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Why Do We Need Sovereignty?

What's happening to America? You don't have to be very old to remember when things were different. It wasn't long ago when 'unspeakable' things weren't spoken! Now it is hard to escape the decadence.

In the eyes of many Americans, the distinction between right and wrong has been blurred; our culture is changing faster than it ever has. Why is this, and what will be its end?

Cultures foreign to the American way now permeate our society - this is the natural result of unbridled immigration and humanism's step-child, multicuturalism. This doctrine declares that all cultures are equally acceptable, but you need go no farther than the court dockets to learn otherwise.

There you will learn about the Chinese immigrant who murdered his adulterous wife; he was only sentenced to five years of probation because murder under those circumstances was acceptable is his native culture. Then there is the woman from India whose husband divorced her and took up with another woman. She tried to drown her two children to "spare them the shame" that her native culture ascribes to the ex-wife and children in such situations. Accused of attempted murder, she is invoking the 'cultural defense', too. She said that in the eight years she has been in the U.S. she still hasn't caught on to our ways.

Having these diverse core values exist in our land is bad enough, but our amoral society winking at the resulting indiscretions is adding insult to injury.

And just like the Jews of the Old Testament were enslaved when they went astray from God, we are losing our liberty as we embrace ungodly cultures - whether those cultures originate from within or without.

Our own people have lost sight of the common 'moral compass' that most Americans once shared. With little exception, the people of the original states agreed that Christian principles would mold the character of our land. "Rugged individualism buffered by a Godly concern for others" prevailed. The Constitution was designed to foster this character. It assured the independence of each state so local residents could custom-tailor local standards and local solutions. At the same time the federal government was given specific constitutional responsibilities - things of general interest, like national defense and coinage of a common currency.

In spite of the limited role the founders intended for government to have in our lives, we have come to look to the government for solutions to all of our problems. Since we have a 'bigger is better' mentality, the federal government has become the primary source of solutions. We have become dependent upon federal largess - even to the point of ceding liberty in order to obtain it.

All of this has played into the hands of the humanists. We no longer look to God and neighbors for our strength, as the Bible teaches. We now look to the institution of government. Where once spiritual benefit was derived by both the giver and recipient of voluntary benevolence, we have resentment as taxes are extorted from one man and ingratitude as the beneficiary receives his "entitlement".

And even worse, the doctrine of multiculturalism has eroded the moral resolve of so many Americans that there is little outcry over the outlandish lapses of justice mentioned earlier.

It comes as no surprise that there is not much concern about the influx of outside cultures which are not compatible with our own.

Often times people move to our great nation in pursuit of liberty - a motive that we can appreciate. Often they are fleeing persecution - another motive that we can relate to. But avoiding persecution and desiring liberty does not constitute enough common ground to function in harmony as a society. The man from China and the woman from India are evidence of that.

Besides the obvious negative affects on our moral integrity, consider what happens to our system of government when there is too much outside influence. It is best explained with a anecdote: Presume liberty to be measured on a scale from 1 to 10. Perhaps Americans are accustomed to a liberty 'reading' of 9. A new citizen might be accustomed to the liberty level of 2 that he was subject to in his former homeland. When a law is proposed which will result in a "5" liberty reading, the immigrant enjoys an improvement relative to what he is used to, but the status quo for American liberty would be compromised. Both the immigrant and the man dependent on government largess will support the liberty-robbing law. As time goes on, the problem escalates.

There are pockets of our nation where the American ideal still lives - Missouri is one of them. To restore the whole body we must first defend and build up the healthier members. Missourians must insist on the constitutional sovereignty due us. Only then can we minimize the effects of the humanists and multiculturalists.

At the same time we must insist on a moratorium on immigration until we get a handle on our own culture. We can not continue to allow foreign ideals to dilute our own. This also applies to the ideals that are imposed on us through United Nations treaties and other international pacts in which we abdicate even one iota of national sovereignty.

We will never be able to straighten out the whole world, and we may not be able to straighten out the whole nation, but we MUST do all we can to save Missouri First!

By: Ron Calzone
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