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January 15, 2003

Pressure from the Governor's office and from Representative Gephardt has prompted yet another effort to unravel our American heritage.

Their efforts have resulted in removal of the Confederate flags from the Confederate Memorial Historic Site near Higginsville and the Fort Davidson Historic Site near Pilot Knob. The flag flew over a graveyard at the Higginsville site, where it honored the memory of Missourians who had fought and died under it.

Gephardt claims that the flag is a “hateful and divisive symbol”. He is not entirely wrong about this – thanks to revisionists, who have worked for decades to create class envy and division among Americans for their own political purposes.

However, to hundreds of thousands of Americans, many of them Missourians, the Confederate flag is a symbol of their heritage. It is a symbol of a system of governance in which sovereign states abdicate a small amount of that sovereignty in order to form a Union of like-minded states so that union can tend to their common interests, like national defense.

To the vast majority of these Americans, racism and bigotry have nothing to do with their love of the flag. Instead, it represents part of the fabric of our culture.

Missouri First strongly objects to the removal of the Confederate flag from any historic site. Furthermore, we must wonder about the state's commitment to our heritage and culture when it takes down American symbols and continues to fly the flag of the United Nations over public institutions, like the University of Missouri at Columbia.

The Governor's office has it backward. Missouri First calls for the removal of the U.N. Flag and restoration of the Confederate flags.

Missouri First, Inc.

By: Ron Calzone
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