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The UN flag flying over Jesse Hall on the UMC campus is an affront to any Missourian who values his freedom. Ours is a nation that was built on the concept of the union of free and sovereign states. The UN stands in stark contrast to that concept. To allow the UN flag to continue to be displayed without being challenged is unacceptable to freedom loving people. The question you may have is: What can I do about it?

Here are some ways you can become involved in this issue.

1.) Tell others about the UN flag. This project will gain support as you inform others about the issue and direct them to this website.

2.) Join Missouri First. The more members we can boast the greater impact we can have.

3.) Let us know if you' are interested in displaying one of the signs or bumper stickers we have available and/or helping to distribute our brochure(s). List of materials.

4.) If you'd be interested in attending an on-campus rally later in the fall, join our email list and we will notify you of events.

5.) We would like to deliver a basket full of letters requesting (read 'demanding') the removal of the UN flag to the desk of the University president. If you would be interested in being involved in this letter writing campaign,, please send a letter (addressed to the University Chancellor) to Missouri First and we will deliver it at that time. Please... use language that reflects Christian civility and respect.

6.) Call or write the UMC Chancellor or Provost and tell them as a tax paying citizen of Missouri you want to see the UN flag removed from state property.
University of Missouri - Columbia
Dr. Richard Wallace, Chancellor
Dr. Brady Deaton, Provost
105 Jesse Hall, Columbia, MO 65211
Phone: (573) 882-2121 Fax: (573) 882-9907

7.) Missouri First intends to raise awareness of this issue through use of a media campaign. This may include television and radio commercials, newspaper and magazine advertisements, billboards, etc. This will be an expensive venture and what we are able to do will depend on what financial support we receive. Any resources you can contribute to the cause will be much appreciated.

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